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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Women Leaders

Ellivate Coaching

As a woman executive and entrepreneur myself, I love to empower other women leaders to define and create success on their own terms. (You can read my own personal story of how coaching transformed my life here.)

I work primarily with women executives and entrepreneurs, and women aspiring to those levels. I partner with you to help you unlock the wisdom and creativity that lies within you.

Professional coaching is incredibly powerful, as it is 100% customized for you. We work together to realize more of your unlimited potential and maximize your positive impact in the world.

Coaching can help you if you want to accelerate your professional and personal development by:

  • Maximizing your impact in business and in life.
  • Enhancing your level of self-awareness.
  • Identifying your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Evolving your leadership skills.
  • Enhancing interpersonal relationships.
  • Navigating challenging situations, relationships and conversations.
  • Boosting your confidence.
  • Enjoying the journey!

To enhance the quality and value of coaching for my clients, I only work with a small number of women on a one-on-one basis, and I offer a risk-free, complimentary coaching session to ensure we are a mutual fit.

When you hire me as your executive coach, you can expect:

  • A safe space for exploration and discovery. I strive to create a positive, warm and respectful environment. You are free to explore your innermost thoughts and ideas, free from judgment or bias. Our conversations are private and confidential.

  • Clarity on desired outcomes. During your first session, we crystallize your desired outcomes from the coaching relationship. You set the agenda for each individual session. I help keep you on track to achieving what you want.

  • Achievable action plans. You leave each session with clear action items. Small, intentional steps lead to big success!

  • A solutions-focused approach. You gain momentum by focusing on positive, forward motion.

  • Challenge. I objectively listen and help you identify blind spots that may be hindering your progress. I ask powerful questions that challenge you. I am honest and direct.

  • Appreciation of your uniqueness. Each of us is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. You will discover new options and experiment to find what works best for you in your particular situation.

We can custom-create a package with the flexibility to suit your needs that includes 2-4 phone sessions per month (up to 60 minutes each) over a duration of three to nine months.

“Sarah has a way of facilitating my thought process and inspiring me to identify not only what my goals are, but also to realize what my true passions are. She didn’t create for me, she helped me uncover what I had already created and the potential of what I have yet to create. Her coaching not only expanded my professional successes, it also inspired me to focus on my personal success.

Sarah is more than just a coach…she is a friend, a mentor, an encourager, a sounding board and a facilitator. I was lucky to find her and would recommend her to anyone who is ready to find themselves professionally and personally.”

— Lindsay Stevenson, CPA, CGMA, VP of Finance at 1st Financial Bank USA