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The Ellivate MasterMind – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the women who participate in your MasterMind groups (e.g., background/professional level)?

I primarily work with executives (i.e., they hold senior level positions in their organization) and entrepreneurs at various stages of their business. I also work with women who aspire to these roles. Since all MasterMind and coaching sessions are virtual, the women are often in different cities and states.

These women usually want to do one or a combination of the following:

  • Figure out what’s next in her career.
  • Start her own business.
  • Scale/grow her existing business.
  • Prepare for an upcoming promotion or adjust to a recent promotion.
  • Achieve better work-life balance or integration.
  • Enhance her leadership skills.

What do all these women have in common? They each want:

  • Something more in their career and their life.
  • To expand their impact in a way that provides them with more fulfillment.
  • To learn and grow.
  • Authentic connections with other women, women with whom they can relate, celebrate and grow.

2. How do you create the MasterMind groups?

The power of a MasterMind comes from the women in the group. In some cases, a woman may come to me with a pre-determined group, or 1-2 women she would like in her group. Often, I “match-make” groups.

I strive to balance like-mindedness with diversity. I aim to create a peer group in which each individual has similar or complementary objectives, and one that is sufficiently diverse to enhance learning from diverse perspectives.

I hold one-on-one conversations with each woman who is interested to identify:

  • The beliefs and values you hold close.
  • What you want to design, create or accomplish through your MasterMind.
  • The qualities you desire in a MasterMind partner.
  • The restrictions, if any, you have for a MasterMind partner.
  • Demographic and logistical information, such as professional situation, personal situation, meeting availability and geographic location.

3. How many women will be in my group?

I aim to create groups of 4-6 women to allow for an intimate experience and enough time for individual participation. I serve as your facilitator, not a participant, so I do not include myself in this number.

4. How does the Ellivate MasterMind differ from one-on-one coaching with you?

 Let’s start with the similarities. Both group coaching and individual coaching:

  • Accelerate your learning, development and attainment of whatever it is you decide you want.
  • Unlock more of your unlimited potential.
  • Give you a safe space to explore and discover yourself, you innermost thoughts and ideas.
  • Provide clarity.
  • Are confidential.
  • Provide built-in accountability.

So, what’s different? Much of the learning in the Ellivate MasterMind occurs between the women in the group through exchange and interaction with one another. The group setting provides you with:

  • A variety of role models and perspectives
  • A support network
  • Normalization of experiences
  • More ideas and creativity
  • Insights into how you interact with others

One-on-one coaching provides you with more time, space and individualized attention to dig deeper. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, you may upgrade your Ellivate MasterMind to include three additional one-on-one coaching sessions for $900.

5. What does the “curriculum” look like? 

I do not set the curriculum, the members of the group do. The true power of coaching lies in meeting each woman where she’s at and supporting her based on what she needs at any point in time.

I hold a one-on-one coaching session with each woman prior to the first MasterMind meeting to help her discern her most important desired outcomes for the next three months. Each woman then brings her own individual desires and intentions to the group to help her progress towards attaining them.

I facilitate the setting of group and individual agendas for each session. Since I strive to create peer groups with complementary objectives, I expect themes to arise during our coaching. We will coach through these topics and share resources. This is where the magic of group learning comes into play. Each woman learns from another’s perspective. All of my clients are exceptional women, and although we are all here to learn, we each also have something to teach one another.

6. When do I need to commit?  

The sooner you commit, the sooner I can create a MasterMind for you. I ask that you commit 4-6 weeks in advance of your desired start date to allow me time to create a group for you. This also allows time for you to complete your preparatory work, including our one-on-one coaching session, prior to your first group MasterMind meeting.

7. What preparation is required of me?

You will complete some paperwork (a coaching agreement) and a preparatory form (expected to take approx. 1-2 hours in total). We will then have a one-on-one coaching session to review your prep form together. At the end of your session, you can expect to have clear objectives and desired outcomes for your MasterMind experience, before our first group meeting.

8. How often do we meet? 

Prior to your first group MasterMind meeting, you and I will have a one-on-one coaching session to review your prep work. Our objective for this session is to help you gain clarity on what you want to achieve through the MasterMind.

We will meet as a group 2-4 times per month over 3 months, depending on the preferences and availability of the group members. Total group meeting time per month ranges from 3-4 hours. I expect to offer a renewal for those interested at the end of the 3 months.

If you select Option #2 with additional one-on-one coaching, you will receive one individual coaching session with me per month (in addition to your prep session).

9. What are the specific dates and times for this program?

Specific dates and times are determined based on group preference and availability. Generally speaking, all meetings will be held on weekdays between the hours of 9am-4pm Central.

10. What happens to my Ellivate MasterMind at the end of the three months?

We will celebrate your individual and collective accomplishments! I typically offer a renewal option for interested groups.

11. How long are our meetings?

One-on-one coaching sessions last up to 45 minutes each (note: every participant receives one prep session before the first group meeting, and additional monthly one-on-one sessions are available in Option #2). Each MasterMind meeting lasts 1-1.5 hours.

12. What if I can’t make one or more of the meetings?

Given the size of these groups, I am unable to accommodate individual schedules once we’ve set meeting dates at the beginning of the program. Please do your best to attend the meetings.

If something comes up, and you are unable to make a group meeting, refunds are not available. You will be asked to submit a written update to your group members and me to help you maintain momentum.

We can reschedule one-on-one coaching sessions with at least 48 hours’ notice.

13. How and when can I pay?

Some women pay out of their own pocket, some women’s companies sponsor them, or a combination of these. Payment is due in full prior to your one-on-one preparatory coaching session, via check. I will accommodate a monthly payment plan upon request.

14. How can I be sure the other women in my MasterMind will keep the information we discuss confidential?

Each woman signs a coaching agreement that includes a commitment to confidentiality. We also set ground rules for our MasterMind meetings at the first meeting, including a specific discussion regarding confidentiality.

15. Where are MasterMind meetings held?

All MasterMind meetings are virtual. MasterMind meetings will be held via webconference or teleconference (or a combination), based on the preference of the group.